Can you reduce/eliminate high blood pressure/ diabetes by living healthy?

| January 13, 2011 | 3 Comments

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I’m personally overweight, and while I don’t have these issues, I know it’s a very likely I can start having these problems. For a few months I’ve been dedicated to losing weight (15 lbs so far!).

I was wondering though, if I did have these problems, would they be cured by healthy living and exercise?

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  1. DrM says:

    Yes and no. You may be able to reduce the effects of these diseases by exercise and low fat and calorie diets, and you may be able to prevent an onset of these diseases by doing the sam things, however the "cure" of these diseases is not usually possible, the symptoms are just controlled or minimized.

  2. Robert Sokolowski says:

    It is really tough to survive with diabetes because person surviving from such a disease have to follow a strict diet. I really feel bad for those who are suffering with the disease at a small age. The best treatment regarded so far is injecting insulin.

    Do not be in the misconception that having such a disease will make you feel weak or fragile Those who are financially exploited by doctors can read some books that deals with such topics. Believe me i myself was benefited by reading such books as they provides great information. Instead of wasting time browsing internet, i think the best way will be to read those books.

  3. Leila Thomson says:

    Weight Loss and losing Weight. I really need to do this this new year.

    I have seen my dad lose over 80 pounds by going to over eaters anomynous.

    I am signing up next week so I can succeed just like him
    He looks great and is 75 years old.

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