What is a good resource for someone who wants to start living healthy?

| February 25, 2011 | 2 Comments

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I made the resolution to start living healthy. This would include exercise and eating right, but I’m also interested in educating myself about the subject, and not with semi-anecdotal, digest type articles like "5 tips to a better diet", but in a more fundamental way where I would actually have somewhat of a clue, though without going unnecessarily deep.

A good analogy to what I’m interested in is being like a computer Power User, but for health. Computer Power Users may not be programmers and electrical engineers (their knowledge is not THAT deep), but they know quite a lot and can get around with any or most computer situations. They know, for example, what a driver is and can identify symptoms of it being broken, but don’t actually know how to write one.

What I would like to know is: is there a good resource(s) for such self learning?
Wikipedia is good in that it allows you to dive as deep as you feel like into a subject, but I feel that I need more guidance than it provides. Good magazines that aren’t simply trying to be popular but actually informative would be nice. Same thing for web sites, or even recommended books. Feel free to suggest any kind of resource.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Well maybe you could take some Health classes
    Take some exericsng classes to get strated.
    Get some books on being healthy
    Take some healthy food classes
    experiment on healthy foods
    maybe just start walk maybe a mile den add another mile
    untill you’ve fine what your comfortable with.
    Drick lots of water -exercie daily or weekly
    eat portions -take vitamins
    maybe write you an exersice plan

  2. WontBeEnslaved420 says:

    i would recommend you look into the risks of GMO food, and the poisonous tap water….stay away from those and you’ll be pretty healthy.

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